Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Barry Libert: Open everything

Barry Libert: Open everything, originally uploaded by tsevis.

Open government, open networks, open source, open society, open heart...
Barry Libert is the evangelist of Open everything in today's world. Entrepreneur, author, businessman, visionary, Barry is helping organizations and individuals work mostly with their heart than with their brain.
I am really happy that we have collaborated on this portrait of his made out of the words that describe his vision.

You can learn more about Barry Libert on Wikipedia or his Flavors.me personal webpage where you can find all his feeds.

Best viewed large.
Attention: Big file. (11264 x 9728 pixels = 37.5" x 32.4" @ 300 ppi)
Alternately you can zoom in to the high res (110 megapixels) file with Microsoft ZoomIt.

Made with custom developed scripts, hacks and lots of love, using my Mac, Studio Artist, the Adobe Creative Suite and good music.

Licensed under the Creative Commons License Scheme.
You can use this image for NON commercial projects, but you have to credit me.
Please, don't use it to express hate, racism or anything negative.

See all of my Mosaic work here.

Some details:


Barry Libert: Open Everything (detail)

Barry Libert: Open Everything (detail)

Barry Libert: Open Everything (detail)

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