Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Parachute is finaly Online!

It took us more than 4 years of development. Panos Vassiliou, the founder of Parachute Type and Image Corporation is a perfectionist and details maniac. But now we are up and running.
A few words about Parachute (from our site):
Parachute® landed in 1999, but it wasn’t till 2001 that it started operating as a full-scale type foundry. By then several designers had joined in to form a select group of open-minded, free-spirited indivinduals/friends. Graphic designers, illustrators, educators, typographers, with fresh ideas and a strong desire to design sophisticated typefaces which reflect current cultures and trends. The year 2003 marked the beginning of a new era for Parachute® with the release of a major 200-page catalog, which contained Greek and Latin typeface specimens. This catalog/book included several classic revivals of historical importance, as well as many original font designs. Since then an emphasis was placed on multilingual support and OpenType® technology. In the spring of 2004 Parachute’s first opentype “Pro” font was released. “Archive Pro” an award winning typeface with multilingual support, kerning for all European languages as well as advanced typographic features, was first presented at the “Adobe Creative Days 2004" forum. From then on, all Parachute® fonts have been redesigned to offer multilingual support, which includes major scripts such as Latin, Greek and Cyrillic.
Obsessed with type? Yes, we are!

As a proud member of Parachute since 2001, I am feeling very happy that finally my fonts are available online. Hope you all find Parachute.gr a helpful place for all your typographic and creative needs.

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