Thursday, September 30, 2010

LIFEBUOY campaign in Dubai, UAE: One of the biggest mosaic pictures in the world.

The guy (as you could easily understand) is holding a Lifebuoy. But that wasn't my job. :-)

Mosaic illustration for the Lifebuoi (Unilever) campaign in Dubai. This celebrating guy is made out of thousands of handprints.
I am not working in Guinness Records :-) but this one is probably the biggest and surely one the biggest mosaic images ever made. The actual billboard in Dubai is 66 ft high and more 600 ft long. You can see it bellow.

Photos from the billboard in Dubai, UAE:
LIFEBUOY Campaign in Dubai, UAE
Building the billboard (Unfinished):
LIFEBUOY Campaign in Dubai, UAE
Details for the illustration:
LIFEBUOY Campaign in Dubai, UAE (detail)

LIFEBUOY Campaign in Dubai, UAE (detail)


LIFEBUOY Campaign in Dubai, UAE (detail)

This work is done in collaboration with the great team of LOWE DUBAI advertising. Thanks Chris and team! Based on a photo by Andresr from Shutterstock and hundreds of handprints photos from many photographers (Sorry, it's quite impossible to name them all here).


Made with custom developed scripts and techniques in Synthetik Studio Artist, Adobe Creative Suite and Apple QuickTime Pro.

Best viewed large.
Attention: Big file. (12288 x 5120 pixels = 41 x 17 inches @ 300 ppi)
(The original .psb file is actually double the size) :-)

Copyright©: Tsevis Visual Design, LOWE Dubai, Unilever Inc.

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Many thanks to Chris Kay @ LOWE Dubai.

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